Slim Pickens Cider & Mead

Slim Pickens Cider & Mead is the brainchild of Todd Strauss, whom locals likely know from Tampa's Cigar City Cider & Mead.   Slim Pickens isn’t about helping businesses. It’s about the people that start them. The business is just a part of who they are. I meet great people from all over the world. Since I’m one guy. I wanted to maximize Slim Pickens potential with the least amount of effort. I know it sounds lazy. But when you feel like you are all you got in this world you better be a little clever. The more people we put on the cans to tell their story. The more people they will tell and over time it will build its own synergy. The stories have to be genuine. Not some bullshit. This isn’t an advertising company.  This is about genuinely helping and lifting everyone around from our local community to across the globe.  Organically, the stories will arise.

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