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Freedmen Farms Has Real Food with Seeds

Is Your Grocery Store Peddling Real Food or Just Pretty Packaging?

Across the nation, a realization dawns upon people: "You are what you eat," echoing the wisdom of their parents. As evening falls, the perennial question arises: What's for dinner?

Will it be another round of processed impostors or a wholesome feast of nutritious delights, teeming with seeds? But how can one discern the authenticity of the food lining the store shelves?

Enter Freedman Farms, a burgeoning network of American farmers committed to cultivating top-tier produce using time-honored techniques dating back to the Civil War era. Now gracing the aisles of your retail grocery store, Freedman Farms heralds six generations of farmers dedicated to nurturing healthy, unmodified crops devoid of chemical pollutants and toxic pesticides—a nod to the days of old.

"But I buy organic—doesn't that suffice?" Nay, mere organic certification falls short. While the USDA designates organic produce as grown without prohibited substances for three years, many remain oblivious to the post-harvest coatings of wax permitted by the FDA. Shellacs, paraffin, and synthetic resin—ingredients akin to those used for car and kitchen floor sheens—may cloak your fruits and vegetables, unbeknownst to you. The guarantee of wax-free produce lies solely with Freedman Farms.

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Amidst the dichotomy of real versus fake food, one must ponder: Does the allure of a pristine apple exterior outweigh the intrinsic value of a robust, healthy body? In a landscape where big corporations clandestinely propagate unnatural fare onto local grocery shelves, and some farmers resort to harmful additives, communities grapple with surges in obesity, cancer, allergies, diabetes, and hypertension. The path to well-being is straightforward: Eat healthily to be healthy.

Enquire of your produce manager: "Where art thou, Freedman Farms?" The cornerstone of sound minds begins with nourishing foods, tenderly nurtured by genuine farmers—not concocted by laboratory technicians. Indulge in delectable, wholesomely nutritious fare brimming with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Locate Freedman Farms' offerings—Whole and Wholesome or Chopped, Sliced, and Diced—in commercial establishments across eleven states: Michigan, Georgia, California, New York, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. With shipments dispatched within 48 hours of harvest.

Freedman Farms is freshest at its best.