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Digitally Connected Reshapes Black Farm Economics

From Sustainability Project to Economic Beacon

In the landscape of sustainability initiatives, few stories resonate as powerfully as the story of the sustainability project that became a thriving business.  Created as a response to an RFP from USAID Peru, Digitally Connected evolved from a sustainability initiative into a thriving business that revives black farming economics and is a powerful testament to the transformative potential of agriculture.  

The journey to build Digitally Connected has been both challenging and inspiring.  The strategic milestones we've achieved only underscore our commitment to shifting the global economy.  After the USAID rejection in 2021, Digitally Connected shifted its focus to opportunities in the United States. Specifically, opportunities to help black farmers with a dedicated supply chain.

We were welcomed into the Verizon Small Business Ready program in October 2021, and then we met Shon Grayson from BlackRock. She played a crucial role in the in-house development and implementation of the project.  We participated in the IOM Conference in Arizona courtesy of the National Black Chamber of Commerce,  we collaborated with STEM ENRG to further shape the foundation of the initiative, and lastly graphic designer Ashley Siebels and author Roz Ray from Creatives for Black Lives rejuvenized the brand look and messaging. 

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By February 2022, Digitally Connected made strides at the USDA Agriculture Subcommittee, crafting a new and isolated agricultural ecosystem from farming to consumer. The breakthrough arrived in January 2022 when Optimal Technology became the project's first sponsor, followed by Microsoft Startups.

In May 2022, a pivotal meeting with Feeding America revealed a gap in the organization's engagement with Black farmers, prompting an online event to deepen connections in the Black landowning and farming community. In 2023, the project expanded vertically and horizontally, with 200 farmers successfully scaling to capacity and starting local distribution.

Simultaneously, the city of Killeen's request to build a grocery store in January 2023 opened doors to commercial real estate and fresh-format grocery stores as a solution to food deserts. Digitally Connected transformed into a business in 2024, making the increasingly popular Freedmen Farms brand available for retail—a testament to the power of community-driven solutions.

In conclusion, Digitally Connected's journey from a sustainability project to a business showcases the transformative potential of initiatives rooted in community collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to social and economic justice. As we build grocery stores in food deserts and foster connections in Black farming economics, Digitally Connected becomes more than just a business—it has become a beacon of hope for a separate economic future in agriculture.


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