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Freedman Farms Now Available for Retail

Encourage families to get back to basics and connect to nature

Encouraging families to reconnect with nature and the basics of wholesome living is imperative amidst our rapidly changing world. Each day, the food industry introduces new products that compromise our health. In the hustle of the fast-food culture and the allure of online communities, are we drifting away from the essence of the world that sustains us?  Freedman Farms advocates for a return to simplicity, urging families to rediscover the bond between nature and nourishment.

In a time where processed foods dominate, Freedman Farms champions the timeless values of organic farming, rooted in practices dating back to the Civil War era. Our produce brings back memories of an era untouched by the scourges of modern ailments like obesity, cancer, and diabetes.  

these American farmers have been cultivating their land for six generations.  Generations of safe, traditional methods, without chemical fertilizers or toxic pesticides. Now, you can find the fruits of their labor in your local store or neighborhood market.

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Your Local Grocery Isle

Freedman farmers, scattered across farming communities nationwide, cultivate non-modified organic produce, preserving the integrity of our food chain. From the soil to your plate, our commitment to authenticity remains unwavering. Our produce, grown by a network of dedicated American farmers, offers a genuine connection to the land and healthier living.

Seeds symbolize our connection to the earth and the essence of life itself. At Freedman Farms, we offer an array of options from whole and wholesome to conveniently chopped, sliced, and diced.  Available in three sizes, our produce is harvested and shipped within 48 hours, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor.

As consumers increasingly prioritize health and sustainability, Freedman Farms stands at the forefront of this movement. Our produce, available in eleven states nationwide, including Michigan, Georgia, California, New York, and beyond, empowers individuals to make conscientious choices about their food. By embracing organic eating, we pave the way for a healthier future, one meal at a time.

Join us in revolutionizing the way we eat. Let Freedman Farms adorn America's dinner tables with real food, grown with care and integrity. It's time to rediscover the joy of wholesome living with Freedman Farms—the freshest at its best.